Working Out, Going Uphill, Breathing and Health Activist Nomination

Working Out Again

In November I signed up at the local gym so I could start working out again on the elliptical, it has been awhile and something I have really missed. November 15th was my first day back on an elliptical.  I felt like it may cause issues with my shoulders or neck later on since my shoulders and neck has been where the strongest pain and stiffness are and the damage in my neck. I was surprised to find that my right hip was giving me the greatest pain but I was able to keep going. I did feel some pain all evening and thought I might have over done it. The second day the hip pain was gone but returned during the first 10 minutes of my workout then it went away after it warmed up and did not come back after the workout. It seems the days I am working out consecutive I do have less pain and stiffness and the days I skip I have a greater chance of feeling some stiffness. Usually more on my right side, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot lately.

I have also learned not to place my hands on the heart monitor grips right in front of me; it caused a strong fluttering in my back of my neck. But I can use the handles that move to workout my shoulders or put them on the outside curves of the monitor grips.  During my first remission I would go to the gym with my sister. She could go forward and backwards on the elliptical and I found I could only go forward, going backwards made my knees hurt so I just kept going forward. Rheumatoid Arthritis can make it hard, you never know when something is going to cause you pain later and sometimes all you can do is keep trying. Sometimes it is hard to know when to give it up; it is something I have issues with. I found this great motivational video being posted on Facebook the last few weeks, “They Were Wrong” and it is how I feel, when I am bitching and screaming on this blog that is because I have a hard time accepting that living with this disease is okay, it is not. I accept that I have it, I have had it for a long time, I just do not accept that it is okay and I am thankful for everyone who donates, promotes and works for to keep patients attending conferences, getting information about the disease to the media as well as supporting patients.

So I have tried to track working out by posting on Facebook how much time and miles I do on the days I go workout. I do not know that I remember every time but I try to track it that way. It has been 25 days since I joined the gym and I have went to the gym 14 days so far. I started out doing 2 miles in 30 minutes and I am up to doing 4 miles in 60 minutes. I have gone 39 miles and spent 10 hours and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I am hoping to strengthen muscles and lose some weight. I feel like my spine, shoulders and upper back are getting stronger, not perfect but I like the direction I am going.

Going Uphill in Manhattan Beach California

It has only been in the last couple months that I could walk on the slopes of driveways while walking the dogs without my feet hurting. This past week we went to the beach to take some photos with our last stop in Manhattan Beach. After walking down the hill and along the pier we started to head back to the car. I looked up the road and realized that I was getting ready to walk up hill and was not sure if I could do it. We discussed Lloyd going to get the car and he would just pick me up. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Months before this just going downhill would have hurt my feet, months before that uneven ground like tiles or walking in grass would hurt my feet. Anyway I decided to try and I would let this be my workout for the day. My right hip was a little sore that night but I was able to do it, I would not know that if I did not try.

I did learn that day that even though I can use my Canon Rebel and not have sore shoulders afterwards, adding the flash did give me sore shoulders for a couple days. It was good timing since the gym was closed those days. Here is a photo of me and Lloyd at the Christmas tree at Hermosa Beach Pier.

photo of me and Lloyd and a Christmas tree ornament on Hermosa Beach Pier Tree

Lloyd and I in a Christmas ornament on tree at Hermosa Beach Pier.

Congestion Causing Breathing Issues

I have found that my right side of my body seems to be the weaker side. I have felt swelling and had problems with my right ear since the onset of the pain and stiffness in 2003. I have notice that side of my throat feels weaker and it is usually where congestion sticks. With any congestion and I have problems breathing. I went to a pharmacy that is not my normal one and picked up their brand of Sudafed, you know Wal-phed.  They had a very small 10 mg dose on their shelf and the stronger versions had cards to take to the pharmacist. I took the small dose and went up to get a consult, I have to say the lady had an attitude of sure that should work but I really do not care to get in a discussion about the difference in strength. It does take about an hour to work then last about 2 hours and it says take every 4 hours. Currently it is the issue driving me nuts the most, you know like most people I prefer to breath.

WEGO Health Activist Nomination Best in Show: Blog Award

This week I received an email from WEGO informing me that I was nominated for their Health Activist Best in Show Blog Award. Thank you to whoever nominated me, I am not sure how there process works but anyone that would like to vote for my blog can do so below:

And thank you to anyone that votes for me!


Finally adding to music I find interesting, here is one to add to your music therapy list!


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