Walking with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease

I have been walking usually twice a day for a few weeks now, which has been a nice change after being pretty much stuck in the house in too much pain.  I have notice a change in my pattern of stiffness. Before I started walking, most of the pain was in my shoulders, back and elbows. Since I have been walking more now I deal with stiffness greater in my feet, hips and knees. The last few weeks still have been an improvement in my Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD formally RA aka Rheumatoid Arthritis). It seems to help not picking up heavy items or hold anything too long. We went to a Valentine Soiree held by the Lady of Magic at the Redondo Beach Castle. I took my Canon Rebel and purse with Motorola Xoom, the weight and/or actions did increase bruised feeling in my inner shoulders and spine for a few days. Not enough of a bruised feeling to make me not want to pick up the camera again, I will again.

Sometime the pain is worth the actions.  The enjoyment of doing something at times is worth the amount of the pain that increase from doing it, whether it is holding a camera to take photos or walking the dogs. Right now I will continue walking because I can and the stiffness is on the lighter side. How long will it last? I hope it is something I can keep up but I know if the pain, stiffness or fatigue increase, I will have to skip out on the walks. I am grateful to be able to do them now and not be where I was last year, just hoping to have the energy and pain levels go down enough to make it to the store and back.

Do you walk when your pain and stiffness from your RAD is on the lighter side? How often and how far do you go? Right now I am doing a morning and evening walk around a mile or so each walk.

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