Thankful For Less Pain & More Strength

I have been enjoying less pain and stiffness and more strength since I started on Cimzia at the end of May for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I still have stiffness and pain daily but it is mostly at night and very low levels. I started to think about the improvements I have had since the change of treatments. Sometime in September I stopped having to take muscle relaxers, which has been nice. I also can stand on my feet a little longer, definitely have my energy back most days, and I can carry my own purse.  I have been able to bowl on Xbox and do Wii fit again. I even started doing 30 to 40 minutes daily on an elliptical this past week. Oh and I can pluck my own eyebrows again, still not very good at it but I can do it!

I am very thankful for the chance to exercise again. It is very hard to deal with a disease that limits your ability to move and even lifting your own arm over your head. I am looking forward to greater improvement as I exercise and work off the weight gain over the last 2 years of flaring. I did see more improvement when I was able to exercise and work off the weight the first time I went into “remission” while on Enbrel in 2007.

Anyway I decided to make a timeline chart of the start of “remission” on Cimzia, see below.

Timeline of RA Patient for 1st six months on Cimzia

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient timeline on Cimzia


I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? Here is a little more music therapy, which reminds me I am thankful for being able to bop my head and move my shoulders to the music again.


2 Responses to Thankful For Less Pain & More Strength

  • Annette says:

    That’s really good news. I was surprised to notice you were using the elliptical trainer. Sounds like your improvement just crept up on you. That’s exactly the way the Humira worked on me. It took months to notice the extent of the change


  • Tanya Martin says:

    I think it has been a week since I had any constant foot pain and then I noticed it was pretty much the same for everywhere else, so took advantage and headed to the gym. The first day my right hip was sore all evening after doing 30 minutes on the elliptical. slight limp. Then I woke up the next morning pain free so I headed to the gym again. The right hip was a little sore the first 10 minutes and then it went away. That night slight soreness like a bruise. Then from day 3-6 no pain or soreness in hip. I was shocked my right hip was the weak area, I was expecting my shoulders but they did not hurt at all.

    I did have an optical migraine last night and there was fluttering/spasm in my neck yesterday after the workout. I did do something different, I grabbed the handles in front of me that do not move instead of using the sidebars that slide back and forth part of the time. Did not work out well for me. I will have to keep my arms moving. Strange but when I would do elliptical with my sister the first time I was in “remission” on Enbrel, she could go backwards on them, I could not or my knees would hurt so I stuck with going forward. I have to pay attention when starting a workout, do what I can and skip what I can’t. So happy to being able to get a good workout again.

    I hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving Annette.

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