Muscle Relaxers, Other Drugs, Different View on RA & Hope

Muscle Relaxers & Other Drugs

I have been trying to deal with the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis also known as Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease or Rheumatoid Disease since I fell out of “remission”. RA is a hard disease with pain, fatigue, brain fog and many other symptoms.  The pain can be very intense and some of the other symptoms can be very annoying. Some may handle it with grace ( but I am a little more clumsy. I am the one that trips, stumbles, slides down stairs and runs into things along the way.  I have been on that RA roller coaster of drugs this past week and let me tell you it is not fun. It is hard to decide which drug to take.  Is it working? What is next? When will I have to get joints replaced? Will my joints survive better then my mothers joints? What other damage is it doing? Lloyd says I am more in tune with my body than anyone he knows; I have to be.  I cannot  just ignore the pain, stiffness, mouth and throat dry, having to urinate, having my nose feel clogged/swollen. I wish it was that easy! I would love to do that. I try to do that all the time, it usually does not work out if I ignore it.  Since my Rheumatoid Arthritis began I have found it very hard to follow along with conversations, if any pain starts or fatigue then I will miss parts of what people are saying. I learned to make list so I would not forget what I needed to do. Sometimes I forget I have a list.

The Flexeril I was taking was not working very well so the doctor gave me a prescription for Zanaflex. Usually when I get a new drug I do some research about it. This one had side effects that included vivid dreams, seeing things and some patients were having nightmares. One mentioned fighting spiders that were not really there. I told Lloyd these side effects, someone should know what could be causing someone to see things or what if I am fighting a big spider in the middle of the night, that might not help my shoulders much. The first night I took the Zanaflex I did have a vivid dream and it was a little strange. I felt like I was just waking up, trying hard to see the writing on the wall above the sliding glass door. It looked like chalk art on a bright white wall with some writing. I was trying really hard to get my eyes fully open to see that writing. Then another part of my brain kicked in, I realized I was dreaming. I remembered the wall was not a bright white wall, but the dream was still vivid as I felt like I laid my head back down as I realized I was dreaming.

I found the Zanaflex only helped me sleep around 4 hours, then I woke up with some pain but felt wide awake. Still  it felt like the best 4 hours of sleep that I have had in a long time. The Flexeril just did not seem to do that for me. The 4 hours of sleep was not enough for me to be able to function throughout the day but it was nice to feel like I slept great; it has been a really long time since I slept “great”. Back to side effects. One day we were out having dinner and very small ants started crawling across my plate, I grabbed my napkin and pointed it out to Lloyd; he saw the ants. I wasn’t sure if I was just seeing things, my mother did get kicked out of a restaurant for seeing bugs and ended up in the hospital, so side effects of the drugs concern me.

Just when I think I have the dosage figured out and I am heading in the right direction I get knocked down again. Lloyd had pain in his lower leg, I could feel the tightened muscle, so I grabbed the high CBD coconut oil and started massaging his leg until I could feel it was looser. When I stood fully up again I could feel the stiffness in my lower back. Then the pain in my shoulders that had gone away after the Zanaflex came back and came back hard, my shoulders were on fire with pain. I could not sleep so I waited until the next dose hoping it would help. At some point Lloyd called the doctors office and a new prescription was called in. I do not think the Cimzia is helping enough, if it was, I would not need to be on the muscle relaxers.

The last couple days have been pretty good and pain free most of the time. Still having trouble laying down flat, my nose feels like it swells in the inside and my mouth and throat dry out. I am on Amrix ER and Flexeril and it seems to be working, just makes me sleep too much. I use medical marijuana to help get relaxed as well, I can’t focus that well after using MMJ but I usually cannot focus well by the time I use it anyhow.  Not sure what is next. My lung function tests were good, the Thyroid function tests came out fine I guess, scheduled tests for January to check up on it again. Still having trouble breathing the last few evenings. Continue reading


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Biotinidase Deficiency Not RA

Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Dec 2003 because of joint pain and fatigue. Found out on July 19, 2013 that I really was profoundly low on Vitamin B7 because of a rare disease called Biotinidase Deficiency. When I found out I was very weak, hardly could get out of bed, could not turn my head without getting light headed, dragging my feet when I tried to walk, struggled to breath daily for years and was having many many other issues. From the first 24 hours of taking Biotin my symptoms started to disappear and my body started getting stronger again.

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