Rheumatoid Arthritis Health Log Day 73

Day 73 of my RA health log. Woke up feeling good, no pain, stiffness or tenderness. The flexeril worked great, I had to do 3 to get rid of the back pain entirely and it helped me sleep great. I was up at 9 am and it has been months since I have been up that early, so I am happy about that! The pain in the back was even gone for most of the day, it started coming back this evening.

No exercise today, I did not have time.

Today I had a Starbucks venti mocha for breakfast. Churro for lunch and went to a LuWow (hog roast) and had a great dinner there with hog, beef, chicken, rice and salad.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis since Dec 2003, currently on Cimzia monthly, Meloxicam, Arava, Ambien CR, Vitamin D3 daily and B12 shots weekly. Also take Zyrtec for allergies. First remission was with Enbrel and Arava from April 2007 through September 2010 with a few bumps in the road (remission does not mean free of all pain, stiffness and swelling, but to me more like a headache once in awhile and not on a daily or weekly basis). No Prednisone since July 25, 2007

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