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Good Rheumatoid Arthritis care can be hard to find.

How do you know when it is time to find a new Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor? I guess I have hit my point of no return. Today I made an appointment with a new doctor, another one that was recommended to me. It is time for me to move on, I deal enough with the confusion with this disease, I do not need the stress of conflicting statements from a doctor. Maybe I was spoiled by my Indiana doctor, one that listens,  willing to discuss issues and give me his opinion based on the information he knows. I guess I found I had a doctor that was not really listening to me.

What do you look for in a Rheumatologist? How often have you moved on to a new doctor? Where do you turn for advice or a referral of a doctor?

I was really shocked when I was told that Cimzia would not work for me if it didn’t work after the first two shots. From what I have read it can take up to three months. When I mentioned that to the doctor he just said if patients do not noticie at least a 10-20% difference after the first dose of two shots then it probably would not work in three months. When I tried to express I have seen some change but had an extremely stressful week he just went on with he did not think it would work. So I am confused.

But that was not all, I also was notified that I would have to replace the shots they gave me in the office. Originally I was told they were free samples and not to worry about it. This was my second visit just to get shots, double dose of Cimzia. By the time I left the office during the second visit for shots I was told that they had been using other patient’s Cimzia on me and expected to get more free samples from Cimzia but Cimzia cut them off because he had received more than any other doctor in the area. How did this become my problem? Now I owe them 4 shots? Each shot is around $1100 and I have to pay out of pocket and then send into my insurance company for a refund. I do not understand why he would use other patient’s shots and say they were samples in the first place.



New Rheumatologist Visit – Vectra DA Blood Test

This week I had my first visit with the new Rheumatolgist, Dr. Solomon Forouzesh in Culver City. It was a good first visit, the doctor listened and discussed the issues I have been having with my Rheumatoid Arthritis also known as Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (see we refuse to be mislabeled). During my visit I was able to have my blood tests done and a bone density test right there in the office. That was pretty nice, not to do any other paperwork for labs or go somewhere else for tests. Not that I had it hard with my Rheumatologist in Indiana, everything was just down the hall which was also nice. Lloyd even brought in his camera and was able to get some photos throughout the visit without any issues.

During the visit I asked for muscle relaxers, I had tried Flexeril before and knew it did help. I thought maybe it caused some depression during my use of it during the end of 2010. But I realized that it was probably a depression because I knew I was no longer in remission (see Sustained Rheumatoid Arthritis Remission Is Rare). So far this has helped relieve some of the pain so I can sleep better at night. The weight of my blanket does not seem to bother me now, before adding the Flexeril the blankets felt heavy, the tenderness in my feet, knees and hips would increase because of the weight of the blankets. Continue reading

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Biotinidase Deficiency Not RA

Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Dec 2003 because of joint pain and fatigue. Found out on July 19, 2013 that I really was profoundly low on Vitamin B7 because of a rare disease called Biotinidase Deficiency. When I found out I was very weak, hardly could get out of bed, could not turn my head without getting light headed, dragging my feet when I tried to walk, struggled to breath daily for years and was having many many other issues. From the first 24 hours of taking Biotin my symptoms started to disappear and my body started getting stronger again.

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