Bad Week, Hard Lessons

This week I am still recovering from a pretty bad flare, one I feel was my own fault, but really Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis) is at fault. I did not do it on purpose, just a temporary forgetfulness of what I can handle, it happens too often. My boyfriend’s son came over to help setup my bed and move around boxes. He also helped out with putting the top of my new desk on and tightening the screws.

The desk was my first error, but I really did not know it would be at the time. Lloyd pulled the box over to the area where I needed to setup my desk. I was excited to get to put something together; strange but I like it. It all went well and I had no pain until I started to have to look up and raise my hands just above my head to screw in a few of the screws.  My shoulders started felling a little sore but not bad enough to stop.  After the desk was ready, Lloyd headed out the door with his son. I headed into the bedroom to look for things I needed to get my desk organized a little. The boxes were stacked up on top of the dresser and I grabbed a couple down to look in them, yes my second mistake. They were pretty heavy but I felt no pain, at the time.

Then next day Lloyd headed to Las Vegas for a conference. I am not sure when but at some point I noticed I was starting to have to urinate every 10 minutes, this seems to happen before severe amounts of pain and has became a sign. I decided to get the meats I purchased grilled so I just grilled everything up for the week. I was afraid if I did not grill it all, I would not feel well enough to do it later, which I was right. My shoulders started getting tender and my neck and back started getting stiffer. Continue reading


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Biotinidase Deficiency Not RA

Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Dec 2003 because of joint pain and fatigue. Found out on July 19, 2013 that I really was profoundly low on Vitamin B7 because of a rare disease called Biotinidase Deficiency. When I found out I was very weak, hardly could get out of bed, could not turn my head without getting light headed, dragging my feet when I tried to walk, struggled to breath daily for years and was having many many other issues. From the first 24 hours of taking Biotin my symptoms started to disappear and my body started getting stronger again.

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