Stem Cell Therapies for Chronic Pain

I found this “Stem Cell Therapies for Chronic Pain” video by UC Davis very interesting. This is UC Davis Health System’s ongoing series of community forums about stem cell research. The first 8 minutes is an overview of the speakers. The speaker discusses stem cells,  pain, current spinal pain double blind trials and a recent government study on chronic pain in America which found there are 116 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, costing around $635 billion in treatments and lost productivity. They also answered some interesting questions at the end of the session. Maybe we can go to one of UC Davis Health System’s forums on stem cells sometime. Lloyd just headed out to check out the Frontiers of Rheumatology, he was able to get a media pass to sit in the back of the classes, no camera this time. Such a shame, he does great photo coverage of events, even educational seminars.

One of the speakers discusses disc diseases, thinning discs, bulging, pinching or discs pushing on nerves which cause pain. They have double blind trials going on at 10 clinics nationwide, looking for 100 patients total. One speaker show slides of bad discs and one of a good disc after stem cells were given to that patient. It took 6 months for the stem cells to repair the disc, but it did repair the disc.


Probably the most interesting statements in the video to me was a quote from The New England Journal of Medicine, January 18, 2012 “Effective pain management is a moral imperative, a professional responsibility, and the duty of people in the healing profession.” Also a question at the end from one of the guest asking if stem cells work for autoimmune diseases? The answer was “Bone marrow is currently used to reset the immune system”. I wish I could loop that “bone marrow is currently used to reset the immune system.” Sounds good to me, I have no doubt that my immune system needs reset.  Yesterday I started blogging about the stem cell research I have found so far and that I found one study that two women no longer had RA symptoms after a bone marrow transplant which has kept them symptom free for 20 years.

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