Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare & New Year

It has been awhile since I updated so here we go. I switched from Arava to Methotrexate four weeks ago and I’m starting to feel much better now. I am not 100% but 80% is good! Looking forward to being able to carry my camera around and take some good photos :). Still taking Enbrel and B12 shots weekly. Currently enjoying not feeling like I was ran over by a truck.

The new year came and went by so fast! Since I was not feeling well, I did not get to do a post on my resolutions for this year. First, I decided I will go back to a notebook in my purse for my health log. Instead of trying to post what I’m dealing with or how I’m feeling in this blog daily, I will try to do a weekly post in my health log.

Secondly, I decided to start writing more about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It was my intentions last year to have articles on this blog and not just a health log. Unfortunately, I was sick several months during last year, at both the beginning and the end of the year. Winters have always sucked for me. After I start feeling better, I end up spending most of my time catching up on everything that I need to do for my business, kids and home. I am still trying to catch up my photo blog, Geek Good Girl. Last year I started the Project 365 and because of not feeling well the last few months I have not finished the year. I have about 45 more photos to go, so I will be catching that up. I am hoping to start covering more marketing conferences on Geek Good Girl and of course post more photos. I am not going to continue Project 365, that way I will not have to worry about catching it up. Instead, I will post when I feel good or when I cover a conference. :)

Lastly, I hope to start or become involved in a non profit for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have a few ideas and a friend with a PhD that can help with grant proposals; he does that for cancer research. I am also hoping some friends with RA and those without RA would be interesting in being involved with this non profit and ideas. So if you are reading this post, feel free to contact me. Social site links are in the sidebar —–>.

Since I have a thing for photos, I thought I would include a few in this post. My boyfriend has taken many photos of me in the last year. In previous years, I have not let him post photos of me when I was wiped out from the RA. Last year I got over it and let him post them as well. It is a part of my life. Funny, at the end of the year someone mentioned they can see in the photos when I am not feeling well. I always can see that in the photos, but my boyfriend does not really notice. Just like I don’t notice when he has gained weight. He always ask why I didn’t tell him he was that fat, I guess it just not what I’m looking at :).

This photo was while I was feeling good, on a flight to Ireland, with my boyfriend. I can say I had a blast in Ireland. I have not walked that much since before I had RA. I was shocked at how much walking I was able to do without pain. (Day 255 of Project 365).

Tanya & Lloyd

Tanya & Lloyd on flight to Ireland.

Here we are again as I was just starting to flare. Lloyd shaved off his beard for Movember, an organization that helps raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, the number one cancer affecting men.  (Day 314 of Project 365).

Lloyd & Tanya

Here I am trying to cover my boyfriends face with my hair after he shaved it off for Movember, something he had not done since 1971.

The last photo is from December, full flare. You can see darker circles around my eyes and I noticed my face always looks a little swollen when I am flaring. Actually, the last time I went for a blood test the nurse asked if I was on Prednisone because I looked like I have a moon face. I have not been on those steroids for over three years but when I am flaring, I can not exercise. Instead, I’m hoping to be able to just do basics, like stand at the sink to wash some dishes. Unfortunately, this simple task will likely wipe me out for the rest of the day. So I gain weight, approximately 20 pounds this last flare.

If I feel like I can eat when I’m flaring, I do and I enjoy it while I can because sometimes I can’t. Even my jaws get stiff, usually while I’m eating. When that happens I usually lose weight instead of gain. It just depends on how hard the flare is hitting me. I also can lose weight from nausea during a flare. It is just one of the things you get used to with RA; I have clothes from a size 3 to a size 12. Look in your dressers and closets. How much space do you use for one size? Now imagine having many different sizes.  (Day 340 of Project 365).

Lloyd, Tanya and Buddy!

Lloyd, Tanya and Buddy enjoying an evening walk.

Finally, I am adding RA Warrior as a resource in my sidebar. I have found her website extremely useful. I love her style of writing and she has inspired me to get going on my own blog.

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