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RA Health Log Day 2

Day 2 of my Rheumatoid Arthritis health log. Today I woke up with no issues and did my regular exercise on the elliptical and the Bowflex. Very slight stiffness in my left knee this evening only lasting about 20 minutes. Pain level a 1, just annoying.

I skipped breakfast, had egg salad for lunch and a KFC chicken bowl minus the gravy for dinner.


RA Health Log Day 1

Day 1 of my Rheumatoid Arthritis health log. Today I woke up feeling good, had my latte and headed downstairs to workout. I did a total of one hour on my elliptical and fifteen minutes on the Bowflex. Currently I am trying to do intervals between the machines. Fifteen minutes on the elliptical then five on the Bowflex concentrating on core body muscles with only ten pounds for resistance.  The elliptical I have set to manual. Last year I tried setting the resistance up one on the elliptical and it did not work out well for me.

Late this afternoon I had some slight stiffness in my left hand. The pain level was around a one, so it was just annoying. This lasted around five hours. I also had a stomach ache after I ate a few of the kid’s cheese puffs. That will teach me!

Today I had a granola bar for breakfast, a salad for lunch and egg salad for dinner. Now that I am up past my bedtime, my tummy decided it needed more food so I had a bowl of Fiber One cereal.

I am off for my eight hours of sleep!

Time To Start This Health Log!

I have been wanting to find the time to start this health log for about 45 days now and realized I must make a little time to do it each day. I have a little notebook I have used for about a year as a health log, I just need to switch to just making a post in this blog instead. I have found that log to be very helpful in helping me find issues I have whether it was with food or exercise changes to just realizing how much stiffness I was dealing with and how long. What made me think of doing this? Currently I do a photo a day on Geek Good Girl called Project 365. Project 365 was a way for people to document their life over a year with a photo. I am hoping this health log might be helpful not just for me but for others dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This post will go over what has been happening with my health so far this year. Then I will do a quick post about today next. Okay, time to start!

This year started good in the beginning of January. I quit smoking on November 15, 2009 and was breathing better since. In mid January, I started feeling a little fatigue and soreness in some muscles and in my chest. At the time, I thought I was just working out to much and hitting the Wii boxing a little too long. Then I sat down at my desk, placed my hand on my neck and felt a lump. I starting feeling around my neck more and found a few more. Of course, I noticed this just a few minutes after I got home from my regular check up with my Rheumatologist. Luckily, my sister had an appointment two days later and I slipped in on hers. After seeing the doctor, I went for a CAT scan of the neck and chest and some blood tests to look for cancer. All tests came back good. The CAT scan did show the lymph nodes were enlarged but none was large enough to indicate cancer. Lymph nodes may swell with some people that have RA. Reactive Lymph Nodes are pretty much inflammation in the lymph nodes.

The lymph nodes stayed swollen for about eight weeks during which time I also had stiffness and tenderness in my ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders and of course that wonderful fatigue. Pain levels were around three to four for about four weeks. Then one day I woke up and was feeling fine, love those days. After about a month of not feeling any swollen lymph nodes I thought that was over, then I found one that is still there but getting smaller everyday. I believe this flare was caused by the stress of quitting smoking. I am not interested in going through this again from quitting smoking so I am still a quitter.

Spring hit and I found out I still do have allergy trigger asthma. I have not had any asthma attacks in many years, funny I quit smoking and now the pollen is keeping me from breathing. Back on Singular and some Zyrtec and breathing treatments for about a week. Three weeks later, I can breathe again. During the time, I added the new drugs I did find two mouth ulcers, one week apart and they only lasted about 24 hours. I took a few extra folic acid pills and then stopped the Zyrtec after a month; I have not seen any since. I did forget to mention that to my doctor in my last regular visit. I will if it happens again. This was a first for me.

Exercise, I have found when I do include exercise in my routine that I do feel better. Of course that does not happen when I am in a flare and it does take a few weeks after a flare to work myself up to my normal exercise routine.

There, now you are all caught up. Let the daily health logging begin!

Welcome to

This is my first post to my new personal blog. I will be posting about Rheumatoid Arthritis, my health log, exercising, and quitting smoking.

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