Multivitamins & Biotin for Biotinidase Deficiency

Would a Multivitamin Give You Enough Biotin?

Biotinidase Deficiency is the cause of my profound vitamin B7 deficiency. I have been asked if taking a multivitamin would have kept the deficiency from happening and the answer is no. Most multivitamins do not even contain 100% of the daily recommended amount of biotin in it. The daily recommended amount to supplement with is 300 mcg and from what I have read patients with Biotinidase Deficiency are usually treated with 20 to 30 MG of biotin, some up to 100 MG1. That means I need a mega dose. From what I read the recommended daily amount is based on a healthy adult that can absorb vitamin B7 from nuts, eggs, produce and other foods they eat.  Biotinidase Deficiency patients do not absorb biotin from most foods so they need a larger dose. Patients must supplement with a free form biotin. Biotin has to be free from the protein that it is normally bound to in foods. New vitamins, like the “whole food” type may not have free form biotin and it is very important for patients with Biotinidase Deficiency to have the free form biotin since we do not have the “active” Biotinidase enzyme that breaks the biotin from the protein so it can be absorbed.

photo of a bottle of Biotin liquid capsules by Nature Made

Biotin liquid capsules by Nature Made


Biotin Supplements

I have found some issues with biotin supplements like above; it must be a free form for patients with Biotinidase Deficiency. I tried to start using a tablet form and found even when I was taking twice as much as the Nature Made liquid capsules it was not helping me at all. My body started to get stiff by the end of the day and after a few days the skin on my finger tips was getting really dry and cracked, so I switched back to the liquid capsules and I am doing well again. I have also tried to find a medical grade biotin but the pharmacists have just had a good chuckle, they do not see why anyone would need it. There are professional grades they would offer, but what does professional grade even mean? Currently I am sticking with Nature Made Biotin because I know it has been working for me. It is available sometimes on sale on Amazon or at Target. I have already had issues with Target being able to keep it in stock.

I have found FDA warnings to one lab2 in May 2013 for their biotin supplement only being 4-6% biotin and the rest of the product ingredients not being listed on the label. I have not found any list of the companies that lab sold the product to or what brand names it is currently being sold under. While searching about biotin I also found it being sold in bulk from China and they do sell feed grade biotin which is usually 4-5% biotin. Maybe that lab forgot to make sure they were getting medical grade biotin and not the feed grade3?

Vitamin Deficiencies test after Biotin Deficiency diagnoses.

Vitamin deficiencies test results.

Vitamin Deficiencies

On July 25, six days after starting biotin and a multivitamin, I had blood drawn for a vitamin deficiency test. At that time my biotin levels were correct, but I was found deficient in Vitamin D, Oleic Acid and Zinc. I was borderline for Folate, Carnitine and Calcium. Heading to the border was Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Serine and Vitamin C. My biotin levels were up to 45%, I was below 5% before I started biotin. The first lab test I did for just Vitamin B7 showed I was under 5% and anything under 5% needed treatment. The second test after I started biotin showed I was up to 45% and recommends treatment if under 34%.

This is as interesting as the difference in ranges that are recommended and noted in the lab tests. Federal health websites I have reviewed recommend treating anything under 30%. But several state government health websites I reviewed recommended treating only if under 5%, West Virginia 4 even recommends doctors consider the parents psychological abilities to handle their child needing to be treated if under 30% but above 5%.

Right now I am feeling pretty amazing, I cannot believe how pain free I am and I have not had this much energy in my life. I did try to do some rhythm boxing and got up to 40 minutes each day and then started having breathing issues. I did research and found the breathing issues could be caused by the brain or nerve signal messing up so I stopped the boxing and it improved but did not go away. I did start more supplements for the other deficiencies and my breathing has improved greatly. Right now I have very few symptoms compared to the long list I have had; hopefully the handful of symptoms I am still having will improve now that my body is getting the nutrients it has so desperately needed.


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